EV Charging Station Locator Apps

EV charging station locator

Locating charging stations can be a difficult challenge for EV drivers, but there are apps designed to assist them. They allow users to locate chargers quickly and plan their journeys more easily.

These apps for finding electric vehicle (EV) chargers provide information on connector type, price and who operates each EV charger as well as restaurants or points of interest near these EV charging stations.


The ChargeHub is a user-friendly charging station designed to charge multiple devices simultaneously and safely. Set up is quick and simple, while its sleek design fits in beautifully in any environment. Ideal for families traveling together as it can be used at hotels and airports alike. Furthermore, saving money by not purchasing individual chargers for each device enables this device to save both time and money in the long run; additionally it is labeled so you know exactly which device is being charged!

It supports multiple plug types, including Tesla Supercharger, CHAdeMO and SAE combo DC fast. This allows you to charge your vehicle wherever in North America it may not support. Furthermore, the app features a trip planner feature which shows all available charging stations along your journey.

This app is free to download, with an intuitive design that makes using it simpler than some of the other EV charging apps on the market. In particular, its unique payment feature enables you to pay for charging sessions directly within the app – an invaluable convenience if you don’t have access to a credit or debit card while traveling. Unfortunately, however, its lack of a map with all U.S. charging stations could make locating stations when traveling more challenging.


EVgo is one of the nation’s premier public fast-charging networks, working closely with utilities, government agencies, automakers, fleets and other stakeholders in its mission to electrify transportation. Through its app drivers can navigate EVgo’s vast network with ease – quickly finding chargers with compatible connectors without fear of forgetting access cards; starting charging sessions without worry over forgetting an access card! EVgo offers both membership plans and pay-as-you-go options tailored specifically for local utility rates and time of use.

Use of the EVgo app allows drivers to quickly create an account by answering a few short questions and adding their payment method on file. After their account has been created, they can use their phone’s GPS technology to locate any charging station and start their charging session at any one. You can even check real-time charger availability and monitor their session. Furthermore, drivers may reserve parking spots at certain stations prior to arrival using this feature of EVgo’s app.

Non-EV drivers tend to assume that charging an electric car takes forever, but many are often surprised to learn it only takes 15-45 minutes at DC fast chargers for a full charge – just like when charging their phone! Furthermore, PlugShare makes finding public chargers even simpler by connecting their car’s EVSE with it and searching by type or speed of connector and speed.


EVmatch is an app-based solution that connects electric vehicle (EV) home charging station owners and EV drivers looking for charging options. It provides various features to enhance the experience, such as finding, reserving and paying for charging sessions – and is free for iOS and Android devices alike.

Sharing your charging station with other EV drivers through EVmatch is an effective way to relieve range anxiety and make transitioning to electric more affordable for new drivers. As a host, you can receive instant bookings or manage them as requests come in; set minimum hosting times or restrict access on specific dates/times that don’t suit; add a markup percentage above electricity fees – or set zero as is often preferred – or simply pass costs along directly.

If a Driver breaches the time associated with their reservation, they may receive a warning and be banned from the Site, App and Services at the sole discretion of EVmatch. If they wish to cancel their booking directly within these platforms (Site/App/Service), please do so immediately within each platform.

EVmatch cannot guarantee the availability or suitability of any third-party websites or resources that you access through the Site, App or Services. You accept sole responsibility for evaluating these resources to assess if they meet your needs, while EVmatch does not assume any liability associated with their content, products or services available via these third-party sources.

Open Charge Map

Open Charge Map is a valuable resource for electric vehicle drivers that provides real-time information on charging station availability and pricing, easing range anxiety while encouraging more sustainable practices by encouraging EV adoption. Furthermore, interoperability between various charging networks increases significantly while helping decrease wait times for consumers – an invaluable benefit that consumers cannot do without.

OpenChargeMap uses multiple data sources to deliver accurate, up-to-date information on electric vehicle chargers. It features both static and live information from EV drivers themselves, with their contributions also helping build its database. Users can access this data through mobile apps or use its API integration into other apps and navigation software.

Users can quickly locate nearby charging stations by using the map’s search feature and filter their search to fast and superfast chargers. The app regularly receives updates with new information from larger charging networks as well as individual smaller players; as well as showing price and which operator owns each station.

OCPI is revolutionizing the EV industry, and only just beginning. By revolutionizing how we charge EVs and helping drive increased adoption of them, OCPI ensures a seamless charging experience that will increase customer satisfaction while leading to further growth of the EV industry. Truly amazing technology!


Chargemap app is an invaluable resource for drivers searching for charging stations near them. The app displays all nearby stations, with filter options including plug type and power rating filters to narrow your results further. Plus you can share search results with friends.

The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, making it user-friendly for EVgo users. Users can reserve specific chargers; this feature can come in particularly handy if planning long trips. Furthermore, this app helps drivers locate the fastest chargers along their route.

EVgo’s app works similarly to others in that it allows you to locate charging stations along your route by entering it and selecting “search along route”; Google Maps offers similar functionality.

EVgo’s app includes various other features, such as detailed maps and information for each charging station, payments via credit or debit card and making payments at charging stations using this payment option. While the EVgo app is free for EV owners, please keep in mind that its use cannot yet be utilized to purchase Chargemap Pass cards required by some services – although this may change over time.


ChargePoint is the world’s largest EV charging network with solutions tailored to every use case. Their built-in station software features dynamic charging, proactive monitoring and full vehicle interoperability – as well as providing drivers with an exceptional experience and high return on investment.

The company’s mobile app makes it simple for EV owners to locate and utilize chargers. Users can filter stations based on availability, cost-free use and which connector type their EV needs; additionally they can get directions directly to nearby chargers.

ChargePoint portal allows EV owners to set rates for their charging stations with ease, helping maximize revenue and attract new drivers to their sites. It includes an intuitive pricing wizard to help maximize profit and attract drivers while attracing new ones; additionally it includes best practices by industry and region for creating various rates such as time-of-use charges, flat fees or tiered pricing plans.

ChargePoint’s hardware and cloud services are tailored to support the long-term growth of the EV market, helping monetize infrastructure while safeguarding critical locations for decades to come. Their open platform with standard APIs also makes integration easy with various EVs and technologies; plus their stations comply with RoHS regulations while meeting European Union environmental standards – plus their management team boasts extensive expertise in entrepreneurship, finance and business development!