Electric Vehicle Charging Etiquette

Charging etiquette

When using the electric vehicle charging network, it’s essential to be considerate of other EV drivers. By following these etiquette guidelines, everyone can make their lives easier and enjoy a more pleasant public charging experience for all.

Only unplug your car when absolutely certain it has finished charging, and only after receiving permission. Many stations have time limits in place to encourage turnover so fewer people sit around with their vehicles parked at the station.

1. Don’t Unplug Other Vehicles

It can be tricky for new electric vehicle owners to know when it is polite to behave and when to act in their own best interest. This is especially true at public charging stations with limited spots and lengthy charge times.

It is essential to remember that while it may be necessary to unplug another vehicle, doing so should never be done. Doing so could result in damage both to the charger and vehicle if not done with care.

As a general guideline, only unplug other vehicles when you are certain their charge has been completed and the charge point will be closed soon. Leaving a note on their dashboard with your contact information can also be an effective way of notifying them that you will be returning soon and will unplug their car then.

If you’re uncertain whether another driver has completed their charge, look for a charging indicator on their vehicle or cable. Many electric vehicles will have an indicator light that changes color when fully charged – this light usually sits under the hood.

Furthermore, some electric vehicles (EVs) feature a locking feature that keeps the charging cable inserted while being plugged in and will unlock when finished. This helps ensure that everyone can use the charging station without any disruption to service.

However, it can be tempting to unplug other vehicles in order to obtain a quick charge. This is especially true when you’re in need of extra juice during an emergency.

It is essential to remember that charging is a service, and so it is expected of you to treat other people with respect and consideration. This is especially true when there are many people waiting at a charging station or no other available spots nearby.

Hopefully, this will provide you with a better understanding of charging etiquette and encourage you to show more respect towards other drivers. In the long run, it will benefit both of you.

3. Respect the Charge Point and Cables

Once charging is complete, make sure all cables and connectors are returned to their designated slots. Doing this helps protect them, reduces a trip hazard for other vehicles, and eliminates an obstruction for pedestrians. Furthermore, ensure you use high-quality cable suitable for your vehicle and charging point.

When using a tethered charge point, ensure the cables are securely connected into the plug handle. Doing so can increase uptime of the charger and give users confidence. Tethered cables tend to be targeted by thieves so make sure yours is well protected and secure so as to reduce theft risks.

When purchasing a cable for your charge point, make sure it is made from high-quality product which is durable and fully recyclable. Doing so will increase the uptime of your charge point and protect it from strains, accidents and water damage. It’s also wise to invest in accessories which help store the cable neatly; this helps guard against accidents or theft – especially if using public charging points which could be vulnerable to vandalism.