Electric Vehicle Car Accessories

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular, and manufacturers are starting to release a range of add-ons and accessories.

Whether you have an electric car or plan to buy one, these handy accessories are sure to make your life easier. From heated car blankets to charging cables, here are some of the best ev accessories to have on hand.

Heated Car Blanket

If you’re in the market for a heated car blanket, there are many options to choose from. Each has its own benefits and features.

The first thing to consider is the material of the blanket. Heated blankets are typically made from polyester fleece, a fabric that retains heat well and provides a cozy sleep experience.

Heated blankets are available in a variety of sizes to suit everyone’s needs. Some have a 30-minute timer that automatically shuts off the heat to prevent damage to your battery.

Heated car blankets are an essential cold-weather accessory for all drivers, tailgater, and RV lovers. They can be plugged into a 12-volt power outlet or cigarette lighter and are large enough to cover the back seat of most cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Car Charging Port Cover

A well designed car charging port cover can help keep your EV charger clean and safe from nasties such as dirt, sand and snow. Keeping the port clean and dry is not only good for your ev battery but it also reduces the risk of electrical fires.

A good charging port cover can be a bit pricey but it is worth the splurge. It can keep your EV charging port clear of ice and dirt, and it is easy to install. In fact, most electric vehicle owners will likely find themselves in need of a few of these covers as the weather changes. Having one on hand will make your EV charging experience that much more enjoyable. Best of all, these clever little covers can be stored in the car’s glove box or tucked away in your garage.

Charger Extension Cord

Many EV owners enjoy the convenience of charging their vehicles at home, without having to go to the gas station. However, they sometimes find that a wall outlet is too far away from their vehicle to plug in.

One of the simplest ways to extend your charge range is to use an extension cord. These are available in a variety of lengths and configurations to suit your needs.

While a longer cord does increase voltage drop and resistance, it doesn’t affect the overall charging speed much. In electrical engineering terms, it’s like a long garden hose – every foot adds a bit of friction and lowers the amount of water pressure that goes out the other end.

Car Charger Holder

If you’re an EV owner, you’ll need to make sure that your charger is always charged and ready to go. The best way to do that is by investing in a car charger holder for your home.

These are designed to hold a number of different charging equipment including plugs, cables, and other accessories. They are also a good way to keep your charger looking clean and organized. The best part is that they are available at a price that you can afford. You might even be able to save a few bucks thanks to TEP incentives. This car charger holder is a must-have for any EV owner, especially if you’re planning to convert your garage to your very own EV charging station! The right car charger holder can make the difference between a frustrating night of charging and the satisfaction of knowing that your electric vehicle is ready to go when you are.

Anti-Skid Mats

While storing an electric vehicle, it is important to take some steps to protect its floor. One way to do this is by investing in anti-skid mats.

These mats provide excellent traction and help prevent slips, trips and falls. They are also ideal for areas that are prone to wet weather conditions.

They can be used in warehouses, assembly lines, over broken concrete and other locations that could potentially be dangerous. They offer a great way to keep workers and customers safe from accidents.

Safety matting is available in a wide range of sizes and colours, to suit any workplace. Many are chemically resistant, so they are especially useful for industrial environments.